Mission Statement

It is the objective of Just Think to facilitate honest, deliberate conversation while maintaining an environment of maximum respect for the truth. We seek to use the written, spoken, and otherwise communicative modes of expression to engage in discussion with society and seek intellectual engagement.


Just Think is a podcast dedicated to exploring various topics related to philosophy, psychology, biology, technology, spirituality, etc. The goal is to explore the host's thoughts or explore guests insights while the host tries to educate themselves on the topic at hand. Just Think is striving to create dialogues in a present that is so divisive, yet keep civility as present as it can be. This podcast looks for the facts, and where no facts are found, it dives deep into the logic of arguments to find the strengths and weaknesses of an argument.

We can be found on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Google Play Music. More platforms will be launched in the future. 

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Our Host

Taylor Ealand is an aspiring lawyer interested in modern issues, science, and philosophy. He was raised in central California, spending his youth in a small town called Coarsegold and later moving to the Fresno/Clovis area until college. In his high school years he took interest to biology, technology, and politics. Afterwards, he moved to San Diego for university, where he acquired a bachelor of science in biology and a minor in computer science. It soon became clear that his future would be in law, and he has began that education in Washington. In college he spent much of his time refining arguments and belief structures while challenging everything he believed. This led to Just Think so he could share his passion for learning with others.

Note from the host: Thanks for taking time to listen to my rambling! Please let us know of any feedback or suggestions you may have.